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Friday, 22 March 2013 00:00

It's all been edited up and only with a little delay; here is your video-news!

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Thursday, 21 March 2013 15:00

Well it's been a hectic but productive & enjoyable day! Due to the amount of footage we have captured, the BBC School Report will be coming tomorrow instead so please visit our website tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of the day.





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Thursday, 21 March 2013 00:00


Today's the day!

Check out our special BBC School Report section of the website throughout the day; for the latest reports, photos and the school's own news-show video itself!

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Sunday, 17 March 2013 12:00

My name is Sarah and I am a Barr's Hill student. On Friday we had our first rehearsal and I was the runner with Sumaya and Georgia. I am enjoying it so far, because the project is really fun and exciting. We cannot wait until the big day ahead. We also hope that everything goes well and we have lots of fun in our jobs.

In the rehearsal, we had a real experience of a 'live' news room and we did lots of moving around and we went through loads of our features without any problems. I can't wait till the real day, Miss Lawlor is trying really her best to make our BBC news report really good. I can't wait for the actual day!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 12:00

My name is Paige and on Friday the 1st of March our English group had a live rehearsal for our school report. Our groups haven't always agreed on everything, but on Friday, we all had to try our hardest to pull it together and just go with the flow.

Once we had started we all had to be quiet. Hannah and Mustafa are the presenters, so they were practicing transitions from the studio to the news, and back. Alison and Corey were taking pictures of what everyone was doing. Some people were more organised than others so it was easier for them. For example: I had lost the questions that me and Esnes needed to ask the Guild, so we could practice them, it meant I had to print them off again. Whilst we were doing this, some people like Alisa were filming, so they were in charge of the type of framing used.

Me, Marnie and Dylan were timekeepers, so we were in charge of the running order and how long it took, it was a confusing job but we did it in the end. At the end of it, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders, we were all so relieved. That was that, although it wasn't the real thing, we had a taste of what it feels like and I hope we do just as well, if not better, in the real thing.

Update Report from Georgia PDF Print
Saturday, 09 March 2013 12:00

On Friday it was chaos because we were practising our parts for the school report so the class room got turned up side down. Just because it was chaos does not mean it was great fun. We went on the computers, wrote scripts and filmed it. It was hard work but overall it was great fun!

Hannah and Mustafa had the camera on them all day where as Corey and Alison were taking pictures of what we where doing to help us remember the experience. I cannot wait for the actual day.

Update Report from Dylan PDF Print
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 12:00

This article is about what we have done in the first rehearsal. My name is Dylan and this is sort of a sneak preview of what we are doing in English. You might remember me from the other article on the school website. But this article is about our first rehearsal we did on Friday 1st March.

Conor and myself are time keepers. Miss Lawlor chose me to do this because I like maths and stopwatches. Some of our times were inaccurate so 2 of us did the timing. Meanwhile, everyone got a position, like the script board person and video person or the researcher, one of the features was already done but was not put together yet as it was the first rehearsal. Also the film was not edited.

The current film length is 21 mins and 31 secs avg. but the aim time is 15 mins 30 secs so we have a lot of work to do to try and reduce its length.

Also the news was very brief so there is a lot of work to do.

Of course that was only a rehearsal but the real thing is this month (21st) so the media room in English will be like a real news room – full of panic!

I hope I didn't give too much away and make sure you tune in to watch the real thing!

Pre-Report from Dylan PDF Print
Thursday, 28 February 2013 10:00

My name is Dylan and my group is doing the feature on ghosts! In my group there is Marnie, who is the researcher, and Corey, the camera person. There is also a person who flits between the groups: Joanna who hasn't had a job yet because she hasn't been in the group long enough. I am the presenter who will be in front of the camera.

The room we are hoping to use is A49, Miss Lawlor's audio visual room, because it apparently has a red light and no windows, so it would be perfect for ghost stories. Otherwise, we will have to use another room that is dark. Unfortunately, we don't know a room that is dark apart from A49 so if we can't have the room we will be stuck.

Some of the stories we will tell will (hopefully!) be the great shaggy beast, the golden cross, the gibbet hill story and maybe even 1 more. Watch the BBC school report for the actual report on the 21st March

Other features include the Barr's Hill Guild, weather and sport.

This has been Dylan is 7s in Miss Lawlor's English class. For any more information see her in A49.

Pre-Report from Sumaya PDF Print
Sunday, 24 February 2013 10:00

Hello I'm Sumaya and I am in 7S, and I am currently doing a project called BBC School Report. My job role is being a presenter of The Chewing Gum committee and being part of the News Team. I feel very happy about my place in this project and I am really enthusiastic about my team.

So far we have done editing of videos, researching from different sources about what is currently going on in the news either international, national or local and putting stories and news in their running order. I am excited to be going on the television on Thursday 21st March 2013!

Also we've been annotating and writing newspaper articles. The BBC's theme this year is '13 in 13' and it is about turning 13 in the year 2013 so we are having the vox-pop group asking the Year 8s and 9s about how it is to be 13 or turning 13 shortly. We are also hoping to vox-pop some of the staff and ask them how it felt to be turning 13 – if they can remember!

By Sumaya.

Pre-Report from Paige PDF Print
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 10:00

I'm Paige, a Barr's Hill student. So far in the Barr's Hill News Report we have learnt and done lots of different and exciting things.

Last week we were told what groups we were in and the features we were doing. I am in a group of 4 and our topic is the Barr's Hill Guild. I was very happy and excited when I was told this because I was really hoping that this would be the topic I would have to research. I wanted it to be based on the Guild because we then get to meet and interview them.

Then I was over whelmed that the group that I was in had nominated me and Esnes to be the presenters. This means that on the day we will be able to interview them and ask them some of our own questions. I hope that we are able to spend enough time with them so we can understand what it was like to be at Barr's Hill many years ago and hopefully get most of my questions answered. I know that my teacher Miss Lawlor and Mr Peffers has put a lot of effort into this and have spent time trying to get the kind ladies of the Guild to come in and speak to us so I think that has made it even more special.


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