Welcome to Barr’s Hill School

We are a smaller secondary school with a very special family atmosphere and we place an emphasis on ensuring our students feel supported and happy. Our school focuses on each student individually ensuring they make outstanding progress and reach their true potential.

Our Values are clear and lived by all our staff:

Student’s First – all staff, governors and parents focused upon the education of all our students

It’s about learning – students, all staff, governors and parents focused upon developing and improving the learning of students.

No Barriers- no excuses, only support, to ensure students, all staff, governors and parents maximise the academic achievement of students whilst enabling them to develop and flourish as well rounded individuals.

Our focus on learning means that we develop the whole child, we want all Barr’s Hill Students to articulate a strong sense of PRIDE, belonging and loyalty to their school and community.  They should be confident and aspirant, have a clear plan for where they want to be and know the next steps they need to take to get there.  They should be able to talk formally about their learning with their peers and explore concepts and ideas; leading to excellent extended writing skills which they apply across the curriculum.  They should be numerate and able to problem solve.  Well prepared and able to plan independently, they will be determined learners that can self-manage.  Their involvement in school life and enrichment experiences in sport and performing arts and service  will make them confident and well-rounded individuals.  They should be empathetic and understanding of others showing respect to all.  When things go wrong, they should be resilient, reflective and able to put things right.  Their exam results will be excellent giving them a passport to the next stage in life where they will be competitive with their peers nationally.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and find out more about Barr’s Hill School. Why not make an appointment to visit us and sample for yourself what is special about our school?

Barr’s Hill School is a member of The Futures Trust, a Multi Academy Trust, a limited company and a charitable company registered in England and Wales. The trust’s company number is 8678162. Barr’s Hill School and The Futures Trust are authorised by The Secretary of State for Education and regulated by The Department of Education.

Selwyn Calvin

Head teacher

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