Letter to parents of Year 12 RE: Homeworking during study periods

Letter to parents of Year 12 RE: Homeworking during study periods

22nd September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

The recent national rise in COVID-19 cases has prompted us to review our plans for how we manage year 12 lessons and study periods. We are keen to ensure we do all we can to minimize COVID-19 risks and protect our students as best as possible.

We have made the decision that Year 12 students are only required to come to school when they have taught lessons. Study periods on their timetables should be completed from home.

This decision has been made to help ensure that your child is only traveling to and from school on the days when they need to be here and that they are mixing with the fewest students possible.

 Example scenarios:

  • If a student has taught lessons during Periods 1, 2 and 3 but has study periods during Periods 4 and 5, this student would be able to leave after Period 3.
  • If a student has study periods during Periods 1, 2 and 3 and taught lessons during Periods 4 and 5, students must arrive at school in time for their Period 4 lesson.

Students should attend Tutor as normal only if they have lessons in the morning.  If they have lessons in the afternoon, then they should just sign in at Reception. It is vital that students attend all of their taught lessons and arrive to lessons before the register is taken.

Students will need to continue to follow school advice and guidance on hand sanitizing, face coverings, social distancing and self-isolating if they or a member of their household is showing any COVID symptoms.

Supporting your child to study from home

Your child has access to Microsoft Teams and all their classwork and homework will be loaded on to this platform.  Their work will be monitored and if they fail to use their time effectively, your child will be required to return to school and work in a dedicated study space for Year 12 students only.

This is a temporary change to our school rules that we will continue to review in line with government advice and wider schools plans. If you have any concerns about your child working from home during their study periods please contact us.

 Yours sincerely


Mr A Michael

Acting Head of Post 16 Select