Year 5 Day: History at the Hill

Year 5 Day: History at the Hill

Year 5 students from Radford Academy, Hill Farm Primary, Joseph Cash Primary and Moseley Primary School visited Barr’s Hill School to experience ‘History at the Hill’.

The day was full of some exciting learning activities through different eras in History, lessons were taught by our fantastic teachers who dressed up for the day.


Students were also informed about The Bridge – which they will enter when starting Barr’s Hill School. The Bridge is a self-contained Hub dedicated to year 7 students, based in its own building with its own social space and classrooms. The Bridge provides a happy and secure environment where students feel at home quickly and feel confident enough to make rapid progress as they start to build their brighter future.  Most year 7 lessons are taught within the Bridge’s newly refurbished building. The Bridge provides a warm welcome for all new Year 7’s transitioning from Primary School to Barr’s Hill School.

All Year 7 students will take part in a carefully crafted curriculum that encompasses traditional academic subjects such as English and Maths taught by our specialist Faculty Teachers, plus a range of cross curricular learning experiences.  They will have one teacher for Humanities for 5 hours per week rather than 3 teachers.  They will also take part in fantastic ‘Create’ projects  that cover Art, Design and Technology, Textiles, Photography, Cooking, Drama, Music and Dance.


We devise highly personalised timetables for each student based on their particular needs to make sure that every child is stretched to reach their full potential. Students are placed in sets according to their ability in English and Maths. Students who arrive below national average in key subjects such as English and Maths are often offered lots of additional lessons in small groups which gives them just the boost they need. Children who are more able are placed in our Accelerated Programme which ensures that they get the stretch they need. We have high expectations of all our students no matter their starting point.

We had some great feedback from the year 5 students as they were awarded certificates by Headteacher, Mr Jupp (who was dressed up as a king!). Each pupil was also handed a goody bag to take away with them which included a water bottle, pen and prospectus.





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