Year 11 visit to see ‘A Christmas Carol’

Year 11 visit to see ‘A Christmas Carol’

Royal_Shakespeare_Company.svgJust in time for the festive season, this Monday Year 11 took a visit to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ live in action at the Royal Shakespeare Company in preparation for their Literature Exam; an amazing opportunity, I am sure you will agree!

Whilst the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future each had a lesson of their own for our beloved Scrooge, Year 11 were given the opportunity to accompany him on his road to redemption.

Although ‘A Christmas Carol’ is taught as a novella, Dickens narrated the play adaption; allowing him to cleverly weave his life into the plot itself. With its costume changes, singing and dancing, the performance was well received by all and there was certainly no one leaving with “Bah Humbug.”

Seeing the play being performed in one of the most famous theatres across the country, provided students with the chance to see a book come to life.

Year 11 themselves claimed it was a “Good performance.”

Another stated it was, “Beneficial as I will remember most parts.


The play was a thorough success and Year 11 are all keen to go to the theatre again.

–  S. Mattu, Teacher of English