Year 10: Virtual School Update

Year 10: Virtual School Update

April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope this letter finds you and your family well. As you know, our Virtual School is up and running and teachers have been uploading lessons, tasks and activities for Year 10 students to be completing during this time. We are aware that in some cases students are struggling to manage their workload alongside their family commitments. We have listened to this feedback and have made some necessary changes.

Below you will find a schedule to help your child plan their weekly learning. Work will continue to be set through the Virtual School as before. We feel it is more beneficial to focus on one or two subjects per day, and we hope this will reduce any confusion or conflictions students may have been feeling in managing all of their subjects. On the timetable there is a column labelled ‘Suggested Learning Hours’. Whilst this is the amount of time we would recommend students work for, we also fully appreciate that there may be circumstances which make this difficult. It is also important for all students to have the opportunity for rest, exercise and non-school related activities. Alternatively, if your child is keen to do more than the suggested learning hours, there are a number of additional activities on the Subject and Extra-curricular pages on Frog.

Day for work to be set and handed in from the previous week


Suggested learning hours











History/Geography (or Options Subjects for those that don’t do these)



Options Subjects


Students should continue to access work through the Virtual School on Frog. Teachers will also be communicating with students through their school email, and students should check this regularly. If there are any issues with accessing school email, please contact me on the email address below.

Subject teachers and the Hub team are here to support you and your child so please do get in touch with any concerns or queries you may have. Thank you for the valuable feedback you have provided to help ensure your child’s learning is appropriate during these uncertain times.

We wish you and your families a restful Easter break.

Yours sincerely

Miss Wright                                                                  

Senior Progress Lead KS4          

Tel: 02476 234 600