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Welcome to The Bridge

The Bridge is a self-contained Hub dedicated to year 7 students, based in its own building with its own social space and classrooms.

The Bridge provides a happy and secure environment where students feel at home quickly and feel confident enough to make rapid progress as they start to build their brighter future. Most year 7 lessons are taught within the Bridge’s newly refurbished building. The Bridge provides a warm welcome for all new Bridge students transitioning from Primary School to Barr’s Hill School. Take a virtual tour of The Bridge at Barr’s Hill below:

Useful things for you to read and watch before you join us 

The Bridge Welcome Pack

FAQs (Parents/Carers)

FAQs (Pupils)

Introducing the Bridge Staff Team 

The Bridge is led by Mrs Hayer, an experienced Assistant Headteacher who ensures that every student achieves their potential and demonstrates outstanding character in everything they do. She is supported by a team of experienced colleagues who will ensure that students in The Bridge show outstanding progress no matter what their starting point.

Mrs Hayer and her team would like to share the following messages with you:

I know starting Year 7 is scary but I want you to know we are all here to help and support you. I am an English teacher and have been at Barr’s Hill for 14 years!! I love reading and spending time with my family. We believe at Barr’s Hill that all our students can achieve anything; we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Mrs Hayer, Director of the Bridge, Assistant Headteacher


I teach Maths at Barr’s Hill where I have been for quite a few years! It is my job to make sure all new year 7s are prepared to join us each September.  I am learning to play the saxophone and I enjoy cycling (I recently rode for 100 miles which took me just over 7 hours!)

Mr. Orchard, Transition lead

I am a Sociology teacher here at Barr’s Hill and have worked here for four years now.  I love to listen to all kinds of music and I am trying to learn how to successfully keep plants alive in my garden! I am looking forward to welcoming you all to the Bridge and for you to start your secondary school journey with us.

Miss. Kenny, Bridge curriculum, teaching and learning and transition lead

Hello, I am an Art teacher at Barr’s Hill, but also run the Duke of Edinburgh Award for some of our students. I have been at Barr’s Hill for 12 years, so just before you were born! My hobbies are mainly creative, like painting and making things.  I look forward to seeing you soon in the Bridge for your new adventure.

Mrs. Stafford, Enrichment and transition co-ordinator

Hello! I am the Bridge Pastoral Leader. I started working at Barr’s Hill School last year but before that I had spent 5 years in another secondary school in a very similar role. I am looking forward to meeting you all and supporting you to achieve your best at our school. I am the person keeping in contact with your parents/carers to tell them how brilliant you all are! I enjoy walking my dog who is called Miley and cooking for my family.

Miss. Gould, Pastoral leader

My name is Miss E and my role is to help all our learners make amazing progress and feel good about their learning by finding gaps and then filling them! The work I do focuses on language development in all its guises including reading, vocabulary, writing, phonics, Latin, spelling, grammar, EAL, critical thinking & learner self-esteem. I run the language interventions, monitor student progress, work with the BH subject teachers and a little with staff and Y5/6 pupils in some of our primary feeder schools. This will be my third year working in the Bridge and I’m very excited to meet you. My passions include gardening, painting, canoeing, camping, reading and sci-fi films plus cake, of course.

Miss. Echeverria-White, The Bridge Literacy & Progress Leader


A special curriculum for Year 7s

All Year 7 students will take part in a carefully crafted curriculum that encompasses traditional academic subjects such as English and Maths taught by our specialist Faculty Teachers, plus a range of cross curricular learning experiences. They will have one teacher for Humanities for 5 hours per week rather than 3 teachers. They will also take part in fantastic ‘Create’ projects that cover Art, Design and Technology, Textiles, Photography, Cooking, Drama, Music and Dance.

We devise highly personalised timetables for each Bridge student based on their particular needs to make sure that every child is stretched to reach their full potential. Students are placed in sets according to their ability in English and Maths. Students who arrive below national average in key subjects such as English and Maths are often offered lots of additional lessons in small groups which gives them just the boost they need. Children who are more able are placed in our Accelerated Programme which ensures that they get the stretch they need. We have high expectations of all our students no matter their starting point.

Click here to meet some of our teaching staff

Click here to meet our Year 7 Tutor Team

Extra-curricular activities

Part of school life at The Bridge is participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to develop our pupils both academically and socially. Activities include a huge range of sports and performing arts, but also some traditional activities like ‘Patisserie School’. We expect them to be very busy!

Bridge Enrichment Timetable 2020-2021

Day Lunchtime After School

Keyboard Club  BR8   RLE

Sociology   BR3  MKE

Bridge/Y8 Table Tennis SH NMA

Drama Club (Drama Studio) PHA

History Mysteries   BR1   SMO

Off Balance Dance Academy 3:15-4:15

Girls Football 3:00-4:00 FIELD KLL

Drama Club (Drama Studio) PHA


Choir  BR8   RLE

Geography  BR1   RBU/CWI

Badminton SH (KLL)

Dodge Ball GYM (Y7/8) NMA

Homework Club SGO

Elite Basketball  3:30-4:30 SH (Open session


Art Academy    BR7   AST

Recorder Club   BR8   RLE

Drama Club (Drama Studio) PHA

Elite Maths   TBC

Junior NBA Basketball (KS3) 3:00-4:00 SH NMA

HA Book Society  TBC  FSA

Drama Club (Drama Studio) PHA


Computer Coding    TBC

Futsal Bridge/Y8/9 SH PBA

Languages – Flash Academy & homework support BR6  ZVI

Science Club   C14  SGR

Netball 3:00-4:00pm Outdoor courts KLL

Athletics Academy 3:00-4:00 LGA

Elite Basketball 4:00-5:30 SH (Open session)


Band Workshop      BR8 AGA

Maths Club      SHO    BR3

Patisserie School  BR10 JHU