How to gain points

Your teachers can recognise your hard work by awarding you points, which you can save up to buy rewards such as pencil cases, pens, footballs etc

Points can be given by your tutor, subject teachers, the Head, dinner supervisors, in fact any member of staff here at Barr’s Hill.  All staff will be looking to see if you take pride in being a Barr’s Hill student. Do you have good attendance? Are you always prepared for learning? Do you show staff and students respect? Are you making a special effort in class? You can show pride in a variety of ways, and we want to reward you when you do.

To see how many points you have earned already, please go to this website:

Here are your login details:

Username: forenamesurname
Password: welcome

Once you have signed in, please change your password so nobody else can pretend to be you.  To do this, go to My Account.

If you have any trouble signing in, please see Mrs Gardner at reception.