Students visit Loughborough University

Students visit Loughborough University

Year 7 ‘The Bridge’ students recently had the opportunity to visit Loughborough University for a day of sporting fun!

Students began the day with a tour around the sports campus, where they were shown of all the facilities the university has to offer. We were amazed by the huge gym area! They were then introduced to the topic of nutrition, where they learned about health benefits from different foods, followed by a fitness test using some very high-tech equipment.

The day ended on a fun game of dodge-ball, even the teachers joined in!


At Barr’s Hill School, staff clearly follow a key set of values:

Student’s First – all staff, governors and parents focused upon the education of all our students.

It’s about learning – students, all staff, governors and parents focused upon developing and improving the learning of students.

No Barriers – no excuses, only support, to ensure students, all staff, governors and parents maximise the academic achievement of students whilst enabling them to develop and flourish as well rounded individuals.