Students graduate in Warwick Sutton Scholars Programme

Students graduate in Warwick Sutton Scholars Programme

Three of our year 9 students Ella-Grace Roberts, Freya Hobday and Zakariya Hasan took part in the Warwick Sutton Scholars programme over the last two academic years.

The programme begins in year 8 and continues throughout year 9, with sessions held weekly on Saturdays. Each session covers a variety of subjects that  feed into a new project. The Year 9 programme has a strong focus on developing core academic skills, including writing, independent research, critical thinking and public speaking.

During the second year of the programme, all students attended six full day sessions held on a weekend at the University of Warwick campus and explored how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals could be achieved through changing our food habits. They took part in taster lectures, workshops, debates and guest speakers from the Global Sustainable Development Department.

As the final highlight, a Residential and Graduation Ceremony was held for students where they were awarded certificates.

All groups were working in groups with year 9 students from other West Midlands schools, supported by Warwick University students, to research their chosen topic, designing surveys, collecting primary data and using that to develop interventions that could be implemented in their own community. At the Graduation Ceremony, each group presented their research and intervention to a panel of academics, teachers and university staff.

“We are all truly impressed with the solutions that the young people presented, their confidence, originality, depth of engagements and creativity!” – Maria Kehr, Warwick Sutton Scholars Programme Coordinator.

Freya Hobday_grad Zak Hasan_grad