Students create inspiring Art pieces

Students create inspiring Art pieces

Students have been extremely busy in their art lessons this week – creating some fantastic pieces throughout varies year groups.

Year 8 Art go quackers!
Students have studied the work of Pop Art since September and have create their final pieces based on the Cow Parade… but ours are Barr’s Hill Ducks! Some fantastic colourful designs have been created and well painted helping students to achieve some Gold and Platinum medals in Art.

IMG_9778 IMG_9777

Year 9 Food for thought…
Inspired by the cardboard construction artist Chris Gilmour, year 9 have produced lifesize food and drink cardboard sculptures. They learnt different construction techniques and how to model their work before creating their cardboard piece. Some superb results have been achieved, well done!

IMG_9859 IMG_9864

Year 11 Art & Words
Year 11 have been working on their final pieces for their coursework project Art & Words. They have created a final piece each inspired by an artist who either uses words in their artwork or has a visual message. The 3 examples are just some of the high quality work that students have achieved.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

Art Academy News
Art Academy have been working on a mixed media project. In recent weeks they have used their own photography taken around the school site that captured Autumn and nature, and then edited images in Photoshop. The creative results demonstrate the hard work and skills that Art Academy students demonstrate weekly well done!

art academy 1 art academy 2