Spelling Bee Superstars!

Spelling Bee Superstars!

Just before the Christmas holiday’s, students took part in a Spelling Bee competition in the Drama Studio. The final was intense as students had to spell out large words to beat their peers. If a speller misspelled in either Round Two or Round Three, the speller was eliminated from the competition.

The competition was a great way to test students knowledge of words.

Here are some reasons why spelling is important:

Communication: Good spelling facilitates communication. By following the same rules for spelling words, we can all understand the text we read.

Comprehension: Good spelling avoids confusion. In a way spelling is a bit like sports. It’s up to the person passing the ball to make sure the receiver actually catches it. The same goes for spelling. If you write with intent and proper spelling, the receiver of that text will understand it.

Future: University applications and job resumes littered with spelling errors are a bad sign. Good spelling in applications add up bonus points and more of a chance for you to succeed.

Computer error: we can’t rely on computers to check our spelling. They get it wrong too.

Distraction: poor spelling distracts the reader and they lose focus. It’s hard to read a text for comprehension when it’s full of spelling errors. Therefore, we encourage all students to always keep learning new words and their spellings!

Well done to all those who took part. We look forward to hosting another Spelling Bee very soon.