At Barr’s Hill School students with a special educational need are put on our SEND register.  Staff are provided with information and guidance on how to support their needs.

Students with learning needs receive varying levels of support, although we aim for most support to be through high quality teaching.


SEN Support

Students receive additional provision to support their progress.  Some of this is in school, such as mentoring, social skills groups, phonics or literacy intervention.

Some students receive additional support through external agencies, such as:

Speech and Language Therapy

Educational Psychology

Sensory Support Service

Communication and Interaction, including Autism, Support Service(CIASS)

Counselling Services


Education, Health and Care Plans (Statement of Special Educational Needs)

Some students need the support provided through an Education, Health and Care Plan. This outlines the types of support a child should receive.  The Education, Health and Care Plan and the student’s progress are reviewed each year.

For more information on special educational needs please contact Mrs Thomas (Director of Inclusion)  or visit the Barr’s Hill website to view our SEN Information Report or visit the Coventry City Council Local Offer, which can be found at


Special Educational Needs Report

Special Educational Needs Policy