Social Media – Advice for Parents

Social Media – Advice for Parents

Dear parents/carers,


Social media can be a very positive experience at times, when it is used in a safe and responsible way. Talking to young people about how this can be achieved through carefully selecting who they choose to follow/friend and having age appropriate safeguards such as not taking phones to bed can be really important. 


Unfortunately any Social media platform is open to abuse and the content can be disturbing, upsetting or simply subtly undermine confidence and self esteem. 


There has been another recent example of very disturbing content which Tik Tok and Facebook have said they are trying hard to remove. If anything has upset your child recently or they are struggling with mental health, self harm or any other issue then please consider contacting the school and also one of the below support services. 


There is lots more useful online safety advice on and further links on our Website under safeguarding. For info on TikTok please see


CW Mind 

CALM 0800 585858


MIND 0300 123 3393

PAPYRUS 0800 0684141



Best wishes,

Mr Oliver

Senior Safeguarding Lead