Safeguarding & Support

Safeguarding children is “Everyone’s Responsibility”. School staff work closely with our students, parents and a variety of charitable and local authority agencies to promote the safety and wellbeing of all children. Please contact us if you would like advice about any safeguarding issue or have a concern about a child.

Under the Education Act 2002 (Section 175), schools must make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  Parent/carers should know that the law (Children Act 1989) requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

The staff will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer, and where possible, seek their consent to a referral to Social Care. This will only be done where such discussion will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm. Schools will seek advice from Social Care when they have reasonable cause to suspect a child may be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. Occasionally, concerns are passed on which are later shown to be unfounded.

Parents/carers will appreciate that the designated safeguarding lead was carrying out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and acting in the best interests of all children

Please see the Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy below for further information.

Safeguarding Information

There are many positive actions that we can all take to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children. The better informed we are of the challenges young people face, the easier it will be to take preventative action and reduce the risks of a safeguarding concern arising.

We would recommend the following excellent resources to all parents. Click the links below to access:

You can also speak to your hub or the safeguarding team, who would be happy to advise how to access further support.

Reporting a Concern

All students should know that they can talk to any staff member they feel comfortable reporting a concern to. This could be their tutor, a teacher or a member of support staff. The Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) will then ensure the most appropriate support is put in place, depending on the nature of the concern.

Parents can report concerns to the school via the relevant Hub or ask to speak to the DSL. Visit our Contact Us page for if you are unsure of who to contact. If a child is at risk of significant harm, such as neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse then parents can also refer concerns directly to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub at the Local Authority on 02476788555, who will be able to provide further advice.

Anyone can also contact ChildLine on 0800 1111, for advice on a wide range of issues and we encourage all families to know this number so they could share it with a friend or use it themselves.

Safeguarding in the Curriculum

Safeguarding is covered throughout students’ 7 year journey, in an age appropriate way. There are a variety of different topics covered each year, through the tutor curriculum programme, assemblies, special events and in a variety of subject areas. The statutory Relationships, Sex & relationships, & Health Education (RSHE) curriculum describes in more detail the areas that are covered. The following modules are covered each year by all year groups: Mental Health, Physical Health, Online Safety & Media, Respectful Relationships, Staying Safe, Democracy & Equality.

The end points for each module are in each student’s planner, we encourage students and parents to use these pages to reflect on their learning in school and also to discuss their family’s perspective on these important topics.

Click here to see a copy of our latest RSHE Curriculum.

Support with Cost of Living

Cost of Living – Advice and support around cost of living.

Food hampers by Langar Aid – please ask at reception, usually available on a Wednesday 1-3pm

Food Banks – please see

Clothing Coventry – support with free clothing

Neighbourhood Family Hubs – support with a wide range of advice and support 0800 887 0545

Housing –

Free School Meals  – Please contact your childs hub if you are not sure if you are eligible for this or visit

No Recourse to Public Funds – you may still be eligible for Free School Meals but must apply separately than the above by completing this form. Please let us know and we will support you to apply.

Citizens Advice Bureau  – A range of free advice and support

Coventry Law Centre  – Free legal advice on the below to anyone living or working in Coventry