PRIDE Showcase Day – 3rd February 2021

PRIDE Showcase Day – 3rd February 2021

January 2021

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Dear Parent/Carer

PRIDE Showcase Day – Wednesday 3rd February 2021 for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

A significant factor in ensuring the outstanding progress and achievements that our students make is the impact of your support as parents/carers.  As you may be aware, across the year we hold two events called PRIDE Showcase Day whereby parents meet with their child’s tutor to discuss subject targets and the progress their child is making in each of their subjects. This is also the time to discuss their plans for the academic year and together the parent, child and Tutor can agree ways in which we can all support our children/students to achieve their goals.

In light of the current period of online learning, PRIDE Showcase Day will need to look slightly different this year, but we are still passionate about ensuring this opportunity to meet and discuss your child’s progress.

Therefore, on Wednesday 3rd February, students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 will not follow their normal timetable of live lessons. Instead you are invited to attend, together with your child, a Teams call with your child’s Tutor, Mentor or a member of their Hub. Your child’s Teams login will be used for this.

During this appointment, your child will have the fantastic opportunity to practise their interview skills which will be invaluable for developing their communication skills and the use of formal talk, something which will help them across all stages of their ‘7 Year Journey’ and beyond. Over the upcoming weeks Tutors will help to prepare students for this opportunity by providing them with the questions which their Tutor will ask them as part of the appointment and by helping students to formulate their responses using impressive, formal vocabulary and grammar. All questions will centre around our ‘7 Year Journey’ and how students demonstrate PRIDE as a member of their Hub.

The appointment will also include the following:

  • A chance to discuss online learning, ask any questions you or your child may have, and provide your Tutor with useful feedback on the Virtual School;
  • A detailed discussion of your child’s progress in all of their subjects so far this year;
  • A discussion of your child’s attendance across the year and as part of the Virtual School;
  • A breakdown of your child’s behaviour and PRIDE points so far this year;
  • The opportunity to create targets based on all aspects of PRIDE for the remainder of the year, which will be revisited on the next PRIDE Showcase Day scheduled in the Summer Term.

Year 9 parents and students will also have the chance to discuss their KS4 options with their Tutors. Over the upcoming weeks, year 9 students and parents will be sent information to help them decide the subjects they wish to study as they continue their ‘7 Year Journey’ onto KS4.  On Tuesday 2nd February parents/carers will be invited to attend a formal presentation about the options process, before having the chance to ask any further questions or confirm their choices (if they have already decided) at their PRIDE Showcase Day appointment the following day. More information about this will be sent to parents/carers of students in year 9 in due course.

PRIDE Showcase Day Appointments can be scheduled between 7am and 7pm on Wednesday 3rd February. To book an appointment which is most convenient for you, please follow the link/instructions below. We expect every child in year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 to attend with their parent/carer. Your child’s tutor or a member of their hub team will be contacting you over the next few weeks to arrange the appointment time with you.

Your child will be set assignments on Teams from the lessons they would normally have on a Wednesday, so please continue to support us in encouraging your child to complete their online learning for the remainder of the day, before and after their PRIDE Showcase Day appointment.

Year 11 and 13

 Parents of Year 11 and 13 students will have the opportunity to attend a virtual Zoom session instead of having a PRIDE Showcase Day appointment.  Therefore, year 11 and 13 will have live lessons as normal on this day.  There will be virtual Zoom three sessions, one at 10am, one at 4pm and one at 6pm. We expect each session to last approximately 30 minutes. In light of the announcement that GCSE and A-Level exams have been cancelled, we will present the principles and processes that will be used to inform Centre Assessed Grades for GCSE and A-Levels and parents will be given the opportunity to ask questions about this. You can book onto one of these sessions via the link below:

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely

Mr C Jupp