I’ve been at Barr’s Hill since Year 7 and I’m currently studying A Level Sociology, English Language and Literature and Film Studies and I’m just about to move into my second year of Sixth Form. I enjoy the subjects that I have picked especially because of the level of teaching, support and advice which has encouraged me to be determined and motivated. My ambition in life is to have a successful career in journalism possibly in the film industry.


My dream is to be a lawyer; I’ve wanted to do this since the age of 7, and I believe Barr’s Hill will help me achieve this. I am currently studying Business, Sociology and Psychology, and I believe these subjects will help to shape my future. The teachers in this school are truly inspirational and motivated me since the day I began.


I am currently finishing my second year of Sixth Form in Barr’s Hill School and I’ve felt really welcomed in Sixth Form. Barr’s Hill has given me the opportunity to continue my education which I am very grateful for. I am interested in having an engineering career and Barr’s Hill is a good place as it is a specialist engineering college. I believe Barr’s Hill can give me the opportunity to be successful.


I moved to Barr’s Hill Sixth Form from Sidney Stringer. I’m studying A Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry; I am enjoying my studies here as it’s given me a new start with sixth form. I’m just moving into year two and hope to complete sixth form with outstanding grades so that I have the choice of the best universities; my chosen career will be in Science or Maths because I enjoy discovering new things.


I joined Barr’s Hill last year and it is an inspirational, supportive and welcoming Sixth Form. The teachers are supportive and have high expectations. The good atmosphere helps students to be ambitious and prepares them for their chosen career. The lessons are interesting and help us take important steps and get involved in different activities and there are many opportunities that allow us to develop and practise new skills.


I’ve been at Barr’s Hill since Year 7 and I’m just about to leave Sixth Form and go on to university to study Psychology. Being at Barr’s Hill Sixth Form has shown me what I can achieve and has opened up many opportunities for me. The teachers have always there to support and encourage me in everything I’ve done and this has helped me gain many new skills. Barr’s Hill is a great place to be and I am proud to be part of it.