POST-16 SELECT: Sociology

POST-16 SELECT: Sociology

Year 12 and 13 students now benefit from Post-16 Select. This is a joint venture between President Kennedy School and Barr’s Hill School that allows students to choose from a wide range of courses to study in the Sixth Form and benefit from the best teaching and educational experiences available from both schools.

This week, year 12 students performed outstandingly in their Sociology lesson, taught by our fantastic Sociology teacher, Mrs Kenny. Students explored the statement:

Schools persistently produce working-class underachievement’ – Dunne and Gazeley 2008

Working as a team and discussing their results was a critical part of the lesson. Building character in debate and opinions, students expressed their thoughts with research and case studies. Taking part in debates and being able to express mature opinions on a range of topics is an important part of being a student at Barr’s Hill School.

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