Movin’ On Up: A week of exciting activities!

Movin’ On Up: A week of exciting activities!

There is something very special about your son or daughter leaving Primary School and taking their next big step into Secondary School. We also recognise that this time can feel a little daunting. Many families are drawn to Barr’s Hill School because we are smaller than many other secondary schools with no more than 130 pupils in a year group. This means that we can offer a more cohesive environment where teachers and students know each other well and we notice if someone is happy about something they have achieved or in need of a friend. Here at Barr’s Hill School we offer a very special programme called ‘The Bridge to The Bridge’ which ensures our new students make a flying start academically and enjoy lots of activities which help them get to know their new teachers and make new friends.


Over the summer holidays over half of our incoming Bridge students took part in a week full of exciting extra-curricular activities as part of the Movin’ Up 2018 / The Bridge to The Bridge programme. Students participated in a wide range of exciting opportunities from crafts, sports, ice-skating, camping and a final performance day with a finale for parents.


The Bridge is a self-contained Hub dedicated to year 7 students, based in its own building with its own social space and classrooms. The space provides a happy and secure environment where students feel at home quickly and feel confident enough to make rapid progress as they start to build their brighter future. Most year 7 lessons are taught within the Bridge’s newly refurbished building. The Bridge provides a warm welcome for all new Year 7’s transitioning from Primary School to Barr’s Hill School.

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We had some fantastic feedback back from parents:

“My son is now ready to start Barr’s Hill with no worries and that is all thanks to the Movin’ on Up transition team… they are brilliant!”

“My daughter is now starting with an air of familiarity of the school and the people in it. She has been the envy of some of her friends starting in other secondary schools!”

“The week demonstrated that Barr’s Hill has a caring, family ethos, and feels like it has done much to minimise the anxiety around beginning a new school, giving the children a strong foundation on which to build their secondary school career. I do think the scheme is a great credit to the school.”