Message from Mr C. Jupp Re: Year 11 and 13 Exams

Message from Mr C. Jupp Re: Year 11 and 13 Exams

19th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

No doubt, like us, you will have seen the news and government announcements last night.  We are all hearing these messages at the same time, so we as a school are working fast today and tomorrow to understand the detail and plan as best we can to support our students and you as parents.  These are difficult and challenging times for us all.

We now know that Year 11 and 13 Summer season exams will not take place.  Students in these year groups have worked hard to prepare and this news will be frustrating, disappointing and worrying.  The government are telling us that there will be a method of awarding qualifications and that, therefore, students’ progression will not be affected.  As yet we do not know what this method is, but as soon as we do we will be in touch and we will give you as much detail as we can.  Please rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure the students receive the grades they deserve after all the hard work they and their teachers have put in.  Please also rest assured that we are in full control of our own P16 admissions and therefore, students’ places in P16 will not be a problem whatever the awarding system.  We know our learners without needing grades to tell us and we know who will be well suited to P16 study.  We have also had initial information from local Colleges today and will keep closely in touch with them.

For Year 13 students, we will talk to UCAS and Universities as soon as we are able, to find out what will happen.  The same messages apply as to Year 11.  Whatever the system that is decided we will ensure that our students get what their hard work deserves and we will ensure that they are looked after.

Given the above, the school is now closed for Year 11 and 13 students in line with government advice, with the exception of children of key workers who require childcare.

The school will be closed in general next week, but we will remain open to provide childcare for students of key workers (Social Workers, NHS Employees, Prison Officers, Emergency Services Employees, Delivery Drivers, Teachers, Care Home Workers) and for vulnerable young people.

If you have any safeguarding concerns while your child is not in school please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please phone: 07724 046375 with any concerns.

The school will still be able to provide lunches for pupils.  If you would like your child to collect a packed lunch please text their name and year group to: 07889 227233 before 10am and the lunches can be collected from outside main reception between 11:45 am and 12.15pm.  Appropriate social distancing will remain in place for collection; they do not have to be eligible for free school meals, we are happy to feed any students where we are able.

Please keep closely in contact with us, Schools may be closed or closing but our staff are still working hard to support your children.  If there is anything we can do to help, we will.

In March of 1973 EB White, the famous author wrote the following perfectly formed reply to a Mr Nadeau, who sought White’s opinion on what he saw as a bleak future for the human race.

30 March 1973

Dear Mr Nadeau

As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate. Hope is the thing that is left to us, in a bad time. I shall get up Sunday morning and wind the clock, as a contribution to order and steadfastness.

Sailors have an expression about the weather: they say, the weather is a great bluffer. I guess the same is true of our human society – things can look dark, then a break shows in the clouds, and all is changed, sometimes rather suddenly. It is quite obvious that the human race has made a queer mess of life on this planet.  But as a people we probably harbor seeds of goodness that have lain for a long time waiting to sprout when the conditions are right. Mankind’s curiosity, relentlessness, inventiveness, ingenuity have led us into deep trouble. We can only hope that these same traits will enable us to claw our way out.

Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.

[Signed, ‘E. B. White’]

I hope that you and your family keep safe and well, please do keep in contact with us and we will do our very best to help in these unprecidented times.

Yours sincerely

Mr Chris Jupp