School re-open arrangements March 2021 – Letter for parents

School re-open arrangements March 2021 – Letter for parents

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Dear Parents/Carers

You will probably have seen the Government announcements this week and I hope that you are as excited as we are about pupils returning to school.  After waiting for the detailed guidance and having gone through a careful planning and risk assessment process with our usual primary focus on ensuring the safety of pupils and staff, we are now in a position to share our plans for re-opening.


School re-open arrangements:

Week beginning Monday 8th March:

Lessons will continue to be virtual and students will work from home.  During this week we will invite all students into school twice, at least 3 days apart, for a lateral flow test in our school testing centre.  Each year group will be given two different times during the week to come into school and all students should come in for both slots.  During these times their live lessons will not take place so they will not miss any learning.  The table below gives an overview of the time slots for each year group. To support the delivery of tests it would be extremely helpful if students arrive at the beginning of their allocated time. We are very keen to test all students twice before they return to classrooms to make things as safe as we possibly can.  There will be no live lessons period 4 or 5 of Friday 12th (1pm onwards) to give teachers a little time to prepare for Monday 15th.


Time Mon 8th Tues 9th Thurs 11th Fri 12th
8.30-10.00am Yr12/13 Yr 9 Yr12/13 Yr 9
11.00am-2.30pm Yr 11 Yr 8 Yr 11 Yr 8
1.30-3.00pm Yr 10 Yr7 Yr 10 Yr 7


The school site will remain open for vulnerable students and children of critical key workers for their normal provision throughout the week beginning: 8th March

From Monday 15th March:

All students will be welcomed back into school full time.  School will run as it did before Christmas making use of our carefully planned zones and bubble arrangements with slightly staggered starts and ends to the day.  The only difference is that under the new national guidance students that do not have a confirmed exemption will be expected to wear face coverings in classrooms during lessons, as well as in corridors and indoor communal spaces.  Students will not need to wear a face covering outside or during PE lessons. We are told by the Government that this guidance will be reviewed at Easter and may be relaxed after that.  I have included below a summary of the start/end times and entrances for the different year groups as a reminder.  During this week the students will have their third and final lateral flow test in school.  After this, parents will be given home test kits so that you can support your own children in completing 2 tests a week at home as per the government announcements.

Entrance & Exit Arrive Leave
Year 7 House gate 8.30am 3pm
Year 8 House gate 8.45am 2:50pm
Year 9 Uniform gate 8.45am 2:50pm
Year 10 Drama gate 8.45am 3pm
Year 11 Drama gate 8.30am 3pm (+Int)
P16 Uniform gate 8.30am 3pm (+Int)


Lateral Flow Tests:

In order to offer lateral flow tests to the students in all years we require parental consent.  There is a simple consent form that we require all parents to complete via our online form, by Monday 1st March, which can be found here:  We appreciate that many children will be nervous about undertaking a test in school.  Please rest assured that our brilliant team in our testing centre will be very supportive.  Every test we do reduces risks for all of us.  All our staff and our Key Worker and Vulnerable students are well into a routine and have been tested in school twice a week since Christmas.  There is a FAQ document and privacy statement about the tests available here: and also a video available at of Mrs Hammett going through the testing centre so you and your child can see what it looks like and how it works. If you have any concerns please contact your child’s Hub team.


Free School Meals:

All pupils eligible for Free School Meals will receive vouchers to cover the week beginning 8th March.  From 15th March vouchers will stop as the free school meal provision will be in the school canteen which will be open as it was before Christmas.


Year 11 Trial Exams:

The Year 11 trial exams that were cancelled in January will not take place on their return.  We will focus on learning and building confidence with the students before we ask them to sit any assessments.  Once we are very clear about national decisions regarding exams we will make decisions about when and what we will assess to give students the best possible chances.


Borrowed Laptops:

All laptops that have been loaned to families must be returned on the afternoon of Friday 12th March.  There will be staff available to check them back in from 12:15 until 4pm.


Any issues or questions?

If your child is struggling to access remote learning or you have any other issues or questions about the reopen please contact your child’s Hub Director.  We are more than happy to talk through the plans in detail with you and answer any questions you may have.


The Bridge – Mrs Hayer (

Year 8/9 – Mr Barrett (

Year 10/11 – Miss Wright (

P16 Select – Mr Michael (


What if my child or someone else in school has symptoms of Covid-19?

A reminder that if your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 you need to self-isolate.  You should book a test through the national system immediately for the child with symptoms and you must tell us the outcome.   We can help you with this if you are not sure what to do.


I was recently very struck by the poem below, it certainly sets the tone for what we believe about education and our school reopening for face to face lessons, and I hope parents will agree with this sentiment.


Don’t tell me I’m behind.

Don’t tell me I’ll be held back for ever.

Don’t tell me I need longer at school.

Don’t tell me I’m lost.


Tell me I can do it.

Tell me you’ll help me.

Tell me you believe in me.

Tell me we’ll do it together.


Yours sincerely,

The children.


The poem fits well with what we will continue to talk to students about.  We would appreciate it you could re-enforce this at home, it is easy to remember as it makes an ABC…

You are not Alone

You are not Behind

You are Capable

Thank you for your continued support.  A reminder that we will continue to do everything we possibly can to help anyone in our school community.  If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please do contact us.  If we can help, we will.


Yours sincerely

Mr C Jupp