Free School Meals

Free School Meals

Free School Meal Update – 7-4-2020

The government have put in place a national supermarket voucher scheme. More information is available at

All eligible families have been contacted to discuss the new process, as it primarily requires an email address. If you have recently updated your contact details, please keep us updated by contacting your child’s hub via email.

The current plan is that you will be provided with vouchers every two weeks, to the value of £15 per child per week. The new vouchers have an expiration of 1 month, so you will need to plan accordingly, so you don’t miss out. The benefit of the new scheme is that you will be able to use them in a number of different major supermarkets. Currently, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, M&S, although they are hoping to expand this in the future.

The first voucher provided by Barr’s Hill was on 27th April. The next voucher is being processed and should be available by the start of the Easter holidays. As with all local and national arrangements, they are subject to possible delays due to the ongoing impact of the covid-19 outbreak.

If you did not receive the first free school meal voucher which was a £25 Sainsbury’s voucher sent out via text message, then please contact your child’s hub. A text message was sent out explaining the process, followed by a website link which you needed to click to access the voucher. You could then show this voucher on your phone, or print it out, to show it to the Sainsbury’s cashier.

The easiest way to contact us is by emailing your hub, but if you do not have access to email you can text the safeguarding mobile phone on 07724046375 and we will call you back. Please include your child’s name and year group in any text message.


Free School Meal Voucher March Update

The government have still not released details of when the national voucher scheme will be available. Currently, until 27-3-2020, any family can text 07889 227233  before 10am to collect a free lunch on the day. However, we are working hard to create our own voucher system until the national scheme is ready. This will only be available to those eligible for a Free School Meal, if you do not currently receive this please go to to see if you can apply. It will be reassuring for the school to be able to know everyone who is eligible has been able to access this support.

The voucher will be distributed to the primary contact we hold on school file. We have worked hard to try and verify all the details we hold, but mobile numbers do change regularly, so please let us know ASAP if you have a new number. The primary carer for each child should receive the voucher so if you have had to change arrangements due to the current situation, please inform us.

If you do not qualify for Free School Meal, we are working with local partners to support any families that are struggling, particularly with meals. Please contact us and/or your local Family Hub for information as below.

Radford Pathways Family Hub –  024 7697 8030

Foleshill Families For All Hub – 024 7697 7991

Hillfields Harmony Hub –  024 7678 8444,


It has been great to hear of the way the community is supporting each other in so many ways. Please continue to follow the advice and don’t hesitate to contact us.