Academic Year 2020-2021 - Start Date for all pupils

Academic Year 2020-2021 – Start Date for all pupils



September 3, 2020


September 3, 2020

Tuesday 1st September is a Training Day and so the school is closed for all pupils as the staff work hard to get everything ready for them at the start of a new and complex year.

Wednesday 2nd September is also a Training Day, however, we will welcome all new Year 7 students into school for the day, this will give them a chance to spend a day on site meeting the staff and other students in The Bridge without the older students on site. It replaces the transition day we normally hold in July. Pupils should arrive at main reception and be ready to start the day for 8.40am, so should arrive before this time. They need to arrive in their school uniform and bring with them their ‘5’ (1. A Pencil case containing pens, pencils, ruler, sharpener, rubber 2. A scientific calculator 3. A dictionary/thesaurus and 4. A challenging reading book. A planner will be given to your child when they arrive and this will be used to record their homework). They will be dismissed at 2pm from the main car park gate, if you are collecting your child please wait outside the school gates for them. Pupils do not need to bring any money to school with them, as break and lunch snacks are paid via your ParentPay account, please find details of this attached to this letter. Pupils can bring with them a packed lunch if they wish to.

Thursday 3rd September we open for all students.

Arrivals are staggered so that we can slowly and carefully introduce all students to their ‘zone’ of the school and familiarise them with hand cleaning and other very important new systems we have in place to reduce risks. Year groups should arrive through the main school entrance at the times below.

Thursday 3rd September Arrive Leave
The Bridge 8.45 15.00
Year 8 9.15 14.50
Year 9 10.15 14.50
Year 10 9.45 14.50
Year 11 10.45 15.00
Year 12 8.45 15.00
Year 13 11.15 15.00

On Friday 4th September we will start using our new staggered arrival times and different entrances for students. This is to reduce the amount of pupils arriving at school at one time. The school gates will not open until 8:20 so please do not send pupils to school early, as there will be nowhere for them to wait. We would like pupils to arrive at these times if possible to minimse risks, although we recognise it may be challenging for some parents. The table below gives start and end times for each year group and shows which entrance they should use. There will be staff on hand at the entrances to greet them to ensure they properly remove the masks they may have worn to travel to school and to sanitise their hands. The students will be introduced to their entrance/exit and new ‘zone’ on Thursday 3rd so will know what to do.

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