Change in COVID Guidance – Letter to Parents

Change in COVID Guidance – Letter to Parents

13th May 2021

Change in Guidance Ltr to Parents 13.05.2021 (CJU)

Dear Parents/Carers

You will probably have seen the Government announcements this week.  After waiting for the detailed guidance and having gone through a careful planning and risk assessment process with our usual primary focus on ensuring the safety of pupils and staff we are now in a position to share our plans for Monday 17th May onwards.

Face Masks:

From Monday 17th May we will stop asking students to wear face masks in the classroom,  but we will still encourage them to wear masks in communal spaces.  However, if students wish to continue to wear masks in the classrooms they will be welcome to do so.

Staggered Start and End of the day:

From Monday we will no longer need pupils to arrive early or leave later than our normal times.  This means that the school day will start at 8:45 and end at 3pm for all year groups.  We will maintain the current separate entrances and exits for different year groups to minimise mixing of pupils.

Other controls:

All other controls such as regular hand sanitizing, zones and bubbles, and home lateral flow testing will continue to be in place in school.

Lateral Flow Testing:

A crucial part of our measure to keep our school community safe is regular lateral flow testing for all students and staff.  We ask all students and staff to test at home twice per week on Sunday and Wednesday.  This testing has already picked up and protected us all from a number of cases.  Importantly testing in this way has significantly reduced the impact of positive cases and the need for self-isolation of large groups of students.

All results whether positive, negative or void need to be reported to both NHS Test and Trace and to the school via this simple online form

Lateral flow tests should not be used if you or your child are displaying symptoms of COVD 19.

If anyone in your household tests positive, you, everyone in your household and any support bubbles that you are part of should self-isolate immediately for 10 days in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance. You should also book or order a confirmatory PCR test   within 48 hours of the lateral flow test result and if the result of the PCR test is unclear (void) you should do another PCR test. If you do the PCR test after the 48 hour period, then you must complete self-isolation period regardless of the PCR result.  If you are not sure about any of this please contact us and we can explain what you need to do.

What if my child or someone else in school has symptoms of Covid-19?

A reminder that if your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 you need to self-isolate.  You should book a test through the national system immediately for

the child with symptoms and you must tell us the outcome.  We can help you with this if

you are not sure what to do.

Any issues or questions?

If you have any issues or questions please contact your child’s Hub Director.  We are more than happy to talk through the plans in detail with you and answer any questions you may have.

The Bridge – Mrs Hayer (

Year 8/9 – Mr Barrett (

Year 10/11 – Miss Wright (

P16 Select – Mr Michael (

Thank you for your continued support.  A reminder that we will continue to do everything we possibly can to help anyone in our school community. If we can help, we will.

Yours Sincerely

Mr C Jupp