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Welcome to our recruitment page. I hope this encourages you to explore employment opportunities and join us on our journey.

Barr’s Hill is an 11-18 inner city school in the heart of Coventry.  Our diverse student population is one of the many strengths of the school.  At Barr’s Hill School everything we do is focused on students and learning.  Our results last summer were the most improved in Coventry and Ofsted judged us good in September.  We are looking for highly motivated colleagues to take us to the next stage.  This is a unique opportunity to work on school improvement focused on learning.

“This is a school in which everyone is valued and cared for. Staff have unanimously bought in to the shared common values.“

“The culture and ethos around the school is inclusive and driven towards high outcomes for all learners.”

“Staff training is highly effective and supports the school’s drive for excellence.”  OFSTED 2018

Barr’s Hill School has an exciting future ahead. With the support of The Futures Trust, we aspire to build Barr’s Hill into a truly outstanding school.  Our passionate, caring and driven staff work incredibly hard to ensure all our students are successful, feel happy and confident at school, and therefore have the opportunity to excel. Our improvement in the last 18 months has been rapid, but deeply rooted in learning.

“Teachers have high expectations of pupils and foster strong and respectful relationships. Pupils speak highly of their lessons and feel well supported to do their best, they benefit from teachers’ strong subject knowledge and enthusiasm.”  OFSTED 2018

Our values mean that we base all our decision making on 3 core principles.  These are highly challenging values, they are very real and lived by all our staff.

Students Firstall staff, governors and parents focused upon the education of all our students.

It’s about learningstudents, all staff, governors and parents focused upon developing and improving the learning of students.

No Barriersno excuses, only support, to ensure students, all staff, governors and parents maximise the academic achievement of students, whilst enabling them to develop and flourish as well rounded individuals.

We are always interested to talk with colleagues who share our passion, values and drive. Please do contact us if you would like more information, an informal visit or conversation to find out more.

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