There is something very special about your son or daughter leaving Primary School and taking their next big step into Secondary School. We also recognise that this time can feel a little daunting. Many families are drawn to Barr’s Hill School because we are smaller than many other secondary schools with no more than 130 pupils in a year group. This means that we can offer a more cohesive environment where teachers and students know each other well and we notice if someone is happy about something they have achieved or in need of a friend.

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Our new students enter school into year 7 in the care of Mr Thomas, a pastoral manager who dedicated to their welfare. Mr Thomas is located in the year 7 hub and year 7 students are free to drop in to see him during break and lunchtime and before and after school. Mr Thomas is also an important contact point for parents and carers and he is on hand to answer questions that may arise.

Here at Barr’s Hill School we offer a very special programme called 7 for year 7’s which ensures our new students make a flying start academically and enjoy lots of activities which help them get to know their new teachers and make new friends.

7 for year 7, your countdown to joining our learning community starts here!

Our 7 for year 7 Programme incorporates a series of fun activities for students who are transferring to Barr’s Hill School from Primary School. These events are held before your son or daughter starts school with us. They offer a series of gentle introductions to their new environment and to some of the people they will interact with in year 7:

Countdown! 7 for year 7 Activities
7 In February half term, Barr’s Hill School’s ‘Stand and Deliver’ event runs for all our prospective year 7 students and their parents and carers.  The event includes the opportunity to rehearse and perform a short play which provides students and their parents/carers to get to know the school and meet key staff and other parents of children already at the school.
6 In May, families are invited to school to take part in a fun quiz competition.
5 In June, we run a ‘Getting to Know Each Other’ morning, usually on a Saturday morning, involving prospective year 7 students engaging in a range of craft activities whilst making new friends.
4 In July, we invite new students to a Transition Day, which is a taster day for all new students at Barr’s Hill School.
3 In July, we also hold a parent/carer information session, when you are able to ask any remaining  questions you may have regarding all aspects of your son or daughter’s transfer and first few weeks in year 7 at Barr’s Hill School.
2 In August, our new students are invited to our special ‘Movin’ on up’ programme which incorporates a week of free fun activities towards the end of the Summer holiday. Activities include; baking, making cushions, ice skating, camping (2 days/1 night) and rehearsals and a performance for parents.
1 Late August. We celebrate you son or daughter’s transition from primary to secondary school and the activities they have completed in our programme

What our students say

NeeveHello, my name is Neeve and I went to Radford Primary School.

Before, I came to Barr’s Hill School I did feel nervous as I didn’t know many
students there and didn’t know what teachers were like. However, the ‘Moving’ on Up’ programme helped me get to know some of the teachers that I would be with at the school and that helped me settle in well. As it’s a small school, there is a family feel and it’s one big happy family.

I like all my teachers at Barr’s Hill School, they help me when I am stuck and if I am sad they cheer me up and it’s really nice! Miss Turner is very kind and makes jokes and helps us to understand Maths better and she’s a really good tutor.

My favourite subject is computer science and at Barr’s Hill School we get to use the computers a lot and learn loads of new programs like ‘Scratch’.

I attend choir and drama club and I have been involved in a production of ‘Oliver Twist’. I really enjoyed it but it tired me out! My favourite thing in year 7 so far was visiting Wembley for the ‘Voice in a Million’ event as it was a great opportunity to sing and share our talents.

I would say that the best thing about Barr’s Hill School is the teachers. You never get let down by them and the work can be challenging, but they guide and support me in the right way.  We love end of term assemblies for our celebration, but also because we receive our important whole school messages like the remembrance parade.

DawidHi. My name is Dawid – St Anne’s Primary School.

Before I started at Barr’s Hill School, I felt quite scared as I was the only one from my primary school. However, I soon settled in and found it easy to chat to other students and make friends. If we ever get lost, there is someone to help us.

Mr L Smith was the first teacher I met and he was kind. Mr Fairie makes jokes and helps you straight away if you need it. Miss Kirkland is kind and does lots of experiments with us and really gives good information about how to do our work better.

I love our music lessons best and I have fallen in love with making my own music!

My favourite thing about year 7 so far was when we went to Compton Verney art gallery as I like to draw and we did an exploding paint experiment which was awesome!  I want to go there again now.

I really enjoy earning e-points, so that I can buy things with my points for doing well and getting praise.

I am looking forward to becoming fluent in English and really improving more in all my lessons and I hope to become a computer technician one day.

FreyaMy name is Freya, and I attended Hill Farm Primary School.

My older brother was already at Barr’s Hill School when I was in year 6 and I felt safe about moving here as he had said good things about it and felt it was a good school. When you arrive at the school, you get a chance to go camping and sharing a tent meant we could make new friends and learn to get on.

The best thing about Barr’s Hill School is the people, students and teachers as I thought they might be nasty but that’s not the case at all. I am glad I met my friends and I fit in well with them. I also love the canteen food!

My favourite teacher is Mr Fairie as he is really funny, cheers us up and he’s a good teacher. Mr R Smith was really great during our transition to Barr’s Hill School and really got on well with us all from the start.

My favourite experience at Barr’s Hill School so far was when I did the Speech and Drama Festival at Bablake School. We had to deliver a script at a festival and we won a trophy! Being a student ambassador is great fun.

I am a member of the school choir and the football club. In the choir, we sing at places outside school, like the hospitals. We also went to Wembley in London for the ‘Voice in a Million’ concert! I love football club as my friends play but it’s a good way to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

When I leave Barr’s Hill School, I would like to go to Warwick University and study medicine and my ambition is to become a surgeon when I am older.

EllenHello. My name is Ellen, and I came to Barr’s Hill School from Italy.

When I arrived at Barr’s Hill School I was happy that I was able to make new friends. All of the teachers are very kind at Barr’s Hill School but I am very grateful to Mrs Manton who helped me to speak more English. The dell is lovely and the school grounds make me

My favourite subject at Barr’s Hill School is Maths because my teacher makes learning interesting and fun.

I have really enjoyed the trips that we have been on in year 7 and hope there will be some more next year. I also loved doing the photo shoot for the website as I am proud to represent the school.

The best thing about Barr’s Hill School is the teachers and all different the different subjects we study. We get to do drama in England unlike in Italy.

I would really like to go to university and train to be a primary school teacher one day.

EthanMy name is Ethan and I went to Radford Primary School.

Before I started at Barr’s Hill School, I felt excited about the idea of a new experience.

I would say that the best thing about Barr’s Hill School is the teachers!!! They are kind, generous and allow you to take charge of your learning and you can have lots of discussions with them.

I also really enjoyed watching the Sixth Formers play which was really well performed and enjoyable.

All of the teachers at Barr’s Hill School are kind and supportive. My favourite subject is Maths because Mr Singh is really generous and he lets me stand up and explain topics to the rest of the class which is great. I also go to maths club with Mr Yap and enjoy this because I am able to improve my maths skills.

My favourite thing about Barr’s Hill School so far is being able to help Mr Orchard with the transition events for next year’s new year 7s because I can share my knowledge and get acquainted with them.  As I am a Numeracy leader, we’ve done tutor activities and assemblies. Teaching the class as a Numeracy leader was great!

I am looking forward to being able to choose my options and starting towards GCSEs. I would like to specialise in Maths and go to Cambridge University. I would like to teach at primary school one day.

SimranHello, my name is Simran and I went to Joseph Cash Primary School.

Before I moved up to Barr’s Hill School I thought the older kids would bully me but when I got here they helped me get around school. Barr’s Hill School runs a ‘Movin’ on up’ programme and this helped me to make new friends.

My favourite subject at school is music and I especially enjoy playing the keyboard. Miss Leavy, my music teacher is very helpful if I get stuck.

The thing I like best about Barr’s Hill School is the teachers and how much I am learning and this makes me want to study more – like doing more humanities and having the stability that this school brings. After school, I go to the school library to do homework or hang out with friends to help them.

I am looking forward getting good grades in my GCSEs. I wasn’t sure if Barr’s Hill School was a good school but tried it and now like it as I am taught properly and am learning all of the time. My aim is to go to Warwick University and study Law as I would like to be a police officer or a defence lawyer one day.