At Barr’s Hill School, our students are at the heart of everything we do. We have high aspirations and challenging
expectations for each and every one of our students and provide a learning environment and guidance to ensure these are met.

Just before the half-term, students prepared and made their speeches for Showcase Day – which were then read out to staff and parents. We would like to share some of the fantastic speeches below:

English was one of the subjects I wasn’t too skilled at but I got Secure in my first assessment and I was pretty happy about the score but then my teacher Ms. Mattu suggested that I should work even harder so I could improve and a few weeks later I was sitting in my chair waiting for the results and guess what? I had improved! I was so happy and glad I didn’t let Miss down.
– Akilan

Equality, teamwork and non-discrimination are what PRIDE means to me. I stands for Individual. I am a lion not a sheep so I don’t follow the crowd. I like to stand out and do what is best for me and my education. D stands for Determined and is the one that I struggle with. Most of the time I want to give up but I have tried my hardest to persevere to the point where I achieved 7 Expert in my English assessment. I believe that anything can be achieved in the Bridge and at Barr’s Hill with the wonderful teachers on your side.
– Cerys

I am from Poland. I am proud of Create and Perform when I create music on the keyboard because before I came to this school, I couldn’t play on the keyboard and now I can play well. I am proud of my work in English and vocabulary because before I came to England I could not speak this language and now I can speak well and I learn new words quickly. I really like maths because when I finish I can help other people who don’t understand the work.
– Michael

PRIDE is power! I am proud of my RE assessment where I achieved Expert. I am thankful for making new great friends and for all the teachers who have been excellent in supporting me. I have loved learning new things and being part of the Bridge.
– Jack