Post-16 Select Students visit JLR’s Education Partnership

Post-16 Select Students visit JLR’s Education Partnership

The Year 12 Business and Year 13 Engineering groups went on a visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s Education Partnership Centre in Gaydon.

Students learned about how Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) completely take apart competitors cars to see how they are building them and to learn the latest innovations.

The visit began with a visit to the Virtual Innovation Centre, where JLR can upload computer-aided design models of cars and rotate them to examine them in detail. They have a range of 3D printers where new parts can be constructed in plastic to check how they look, fit in with other parts of the car, etc.

Students also had the opportunity of visiting a number of testing areas, testing for extreme heat, cold, noise levels and vibrations. All these tests are designed to help them comply with legislation, beat their competitors, and ensure the cars can withstand a range of conditions.

JLR have more than 1100 apprentices and 1400 graduates on training programmes. Students were filled in about a range of apprenticeships available, which they were encouraged to apply for. Tom Ruddle, our contact there, has agreed to provide an employee-reference for any student who attended today and applies for any of their programmes.

“My Business group and they have spent most of their lesson telling me how impressive the technology and facilities were and how valuable and enjoyable they found the visit.” – Mrs Wright, Teacher of Business.