Group Mentoring – Post 16

Group Mentoring – Post 16

As part of a series of sessions offered to the Post 16 students for help with employer engagement and transferable skills. PepsiCo staff have offered to host a visit for the ‘regular’ attenders at PepsiCo to show them around.

Employers (volunteers) come in for each session and speak with a small group of students to help them develop their transferable skills by working in small groups with them discussing a range of topics.  The students get to hear about each employer’s experiences as an individual and also receive a company perspective on what is expected of an employee out in the world of work.

Students are able to use the employers’ insights to put together an individual action plan which they can take away with them and work on to help develop their employability skills.

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“On a really positive note, I had a chat with the employer-mentors after the students had left and they seem really impressed by our school.  They commented how positively the students talk about their classes, teachers and general experience and said that there seems to be more support on offer here than they’ve encountered at any other school.” – Mrs Forbes, Careers Advisor