Can you help us raise £500 for Sports Relief?

Can you help us raise £500 for Sports Relief?


20 Barr’s Hill teachers and staff are stepping out of their comfort zone between Monday 19th – Friday 23rd March and walking the 425 mile distance of ‘COVENTRY TO LUXEMBOURG’ for Sports Relief. Staff will be using their ‘Fitbit’ steps for the week!

The challenge is on for Mrs Stafford, Mrs Hammett, Mrs Stamper, Miss Kenny, Mrs Marshall, Miss Turner, Miss Marks, Miss Wright, Miss Lloyd, Miss Preston, Mr Barrett, Mr Smith, Mrs Hayer, Miss Vaghela, Mrs Dunn, Mr Beasley, Mrs Dixon, Miss Sahota, Mrs Chana and Miss Maddison.

Our target is £500… could you help us achieve this by making a donation to support our challenge?
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To put £500 in to real terms: £500 would provide 1666 malaria rapid diagnosis testing kits

A child in Africa dies from malaria every 45 seconds. That’s over 700,000 lives lost a year – even though it is both preventable and treatable.

Sport Relief cash will help make that statistic a thing of the past by providing simple but crucial ways to fight the disease; like malaria nets and information on how best to use them and rapid testing kits so those who do become infected can get the help they need quickly.

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