Post 16Welcome to the Post 16 area

Post-16 is an exciting stage on your education; GCSEs are over, you have many choices and decisions ahead of you and more independence and flexibility than ever before in your education.

Barr’s Hill School is a relatively small school with a relatively small Sixth Form. We can offer you a caring and supportive ethos and our dedicated staff who are committed to ensuring that all students achieve the highest possible standards.

As a young adult, Barr’s Hill Sixth Form will support and provide many opportunities as role models for our younger members of our School and the wider community.

Regardless of whether you are looking forward to further study at university, and apprenticeship or even GCSE resits, Barr’s Hill School has a programme of study to suit you. We offer a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of all learners (see Courses for further details).

Thank you for your interest in Barr’s Hill Sixth Form; for any further information please contact our Post 16 Team.

Ann Byrne
Assistant Headteacher/Head of Post-16