Maths: Thank you Jaguar Land Rover

Maths: Thank you Jaguar Land Rover

A member of Jaguar Land Rover has voluntarily been helping out once a week in the Maths lessons.

Year 10 student Darbaz Abdullah has shown his appreciation to the company by writing them a letter:

Dear Jaguar Land Rover

As you may know one of your employees have come in to help me. He has taught me a lot of new things. When I don’t understand something my teacher tells me, he summarises it for me and makes me understand the questions my teacher is telling me.

As I said, he helps me. But he also helps the people next to me. I used to be really bad at maths if you look at my first book, you’ll know. But now if you look at my second and present book you will see how much work I’ve done and how I’ve improved. I used to be really slow at my times tables but now thanks to Josh I can do them in a matter of seconds.

Every Thursday he comes in to help me. I, Darbaz Abdullah, on behalf of Barr’s Hill thank you for sending one of your Jaguar Land Rover employees to help a struggling student like me.

Your sincerely,