Exciting Times at Barr’s Hill School

Exciting Times at Barr’s Hill School

These are exciting times for staff and students at Barr’s Hill School and new students have much to look forward to. The school’s unrivalled commitment to caring for its students combined with high aspirations and solid academic progress ensures students develop into rounded individuals with bright futures ahead of them. The school’s values centre around placing students first, the focus is on learning and that barriers to learning are removed quickly and effectively.

As a former grammar school, first established in 1908, the school’s ongoing drive for high academic standards means students are encouraged to study a challenging range of subjects including, physics, chemistry, biology, two languages, maths, further maths and statistics.

This year a significant number of students secured places at top British universities.

For example, Abaraaujithan Jeyaranjan excelled in Mathematics, Applied Science and ICT at A-Level and will be going to Warwick University to study Mechanical Engineering.

Joseph Mcavoy, whose strong performance at A-Level secured him a place at Coventry University to study History and Politics and Kayleigh McGhie who will be going to Manchester Metropolitan University to study Law.

Our focus on learning means that we develop the whole child, we want all Barr’s Hill Students to articulate a strong sense of PRIDE, belonging and loyalty to their school and community.  Students participate in a very wide range of extra-curricular opportunities ranging from debating club, music, languages and drama to a number of sports teams. This year, the school won the city’s Basketball Championships.


Values are clear and lived by all our staff: student’s first, it’s about learning, no barriers

Success and High Aspirations

Open Evening was a roaring success. Barr’s Hill School was inundated on a very busy evening and expects to be oversubscribed next year. Parents were blown away by high aspirations, the academic curriculum and our friendly and energetic staff.  One parent said “I came to visit Barr’s Hill School just for a look but now I am definitely planning to send my son here, it was great to see how well the evening was executed and what the school has to offer.”

For new year 7 students joining, a highly-praised transition programme delivers a series of carefully organised events throughout the spring and summer months. The programme ensures that new students joining Barr’s Hill School feel confident, safe and happy and can therefore make a flying start and progress from the moment they join Year 7.

Our older students now benefit from Post 16 Select. This is a joint venture between President Kennedy School and Barr’s Hill School that allows students in Year 11 to choose from a wide range of courses to study in the Sixth Form and benefit from the best teaching and educational experiences available from both schools.


Sporting Success in 2017

For Further information about Barr’s Hill School or to book a visit please contact:

Phone: 024 7623 4600
Address: Radford Road, Coventry, CV1 4BU