BTEC Sport Level 3 students attend sports workshop at Coventry University

BTEC Sport Level 3 students attend sports workshop at Coventry University

sport3On Wednesday 18th October our BTEC Sport level 3 students attended a sports workshop at Coventry University to support with their studies. The students are due to take a controlled assessment in January where they will need to interpret the fitness test results for an individual and what better way to get the students to understand than for them to take part!

Before the workshop kicked off students were given a grand tour of the new multi million pound sports facilities at the university. Here they were able to view the new environmental chamber where things such as altitude and temperatures can be changed to support various athletes with their training. Others such as the military can also use the facility and have recently been using it to prepare some female troops for a mission to Antarctica! The high tech facility allows people to experience altitudes of up to 8750m which is just below that of Mount Everest but of course only trained athletes and experienced personal can use this. Even though our sports students are very good, they are not quite ready to experience this!

As well as all of this they were able to see other impressive facilities such as a 25m running track with plate
technology and cameras that can analyse performance techniques, equipment that measures blood flow close to the skin, and a highly technical dome that measures how much body fat people have in comparison to muscle.

Once the students had finished their tour they were thrown into the deep end and put through their paces in their own tests. They took part in a vertical jump test using a technology platform that read how high they jumped, a Y balance test, took their blood pressure and BMI and many many more. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and made great educational links to their course which will help them in their January controlled assessment. They were also opened up to the possibilities of attending a university and in particular the career opportunities that sport can offer them.

– N. Marks, Head of P.E