7 for year 7 events: Stand and Deliver

7 for year 7 events: Stand and Deliver

37 of our new year 6 families came along to ‘Stand and Deliver’ on the Monday of the half-term holiday. This was the first of our ‘7 for year 7’ event.

The year 6 children took part in workshops, which included; making a movie soundtrack, painting their own canvas in art or devising a drama performance, including an alien X-factor!

Meanwhile the families were taken on a tour/treasure hunt of the school by some of our year 7 students followed by a Q+A session.

We all met up for a delicious lunch and then sat back and enjoyed the year 6 children performing/showing what they had done. It was a great day with a lovely atmosphere!

A massive thank-you to all those who gave up a day of their holiday to make the day such a success; to Ms. Stafford, Ms. Gardner-Orr, Mr. R. Smith and Mr. A. Kay and we can’t forget our brilliant year 7’s: Chanika, Jess, Paige, Pav, Bethany, Terry, Josh, Savanha, Tai-Sian, Georgia, Payton and Kyle.

Upcoming ‘7 for year 7’ events;

‘Family fun night’ – May 25th

‘Getting to know each other’ Saturday morning – June 17th

Transition Day – July 5th

New parents info session – July 5th

Movin’ on up – August 21st-25th

Meet your child’s tutor evening – TBC