The 5 and Accelerated Reading

The 5 and Accelerated Reading

To raise standards and expectations even further we would like all pupils in every year group to make sure that they have a reading book with them at all times. This will mean that the ‘TRIO’ has 5 things we will now be calling it ‘The 5’.

We would like the reading book they bring to be challenging and appropriate. They can choose to bring in the book they are reading at home or they can borrow a book from the school library. The Hubs will happily sell or lend any items from ‘The 5’ that your child does not have although ideally they will need to bring their own.

Your child must have the following items with them every day—’The 5’:

1. Pencil case containing: pens, pencils, ruler, rubber
2. Scientific Calculator
3. School Planner (provided by the school)
4. Dictionary
5. An appropriate and challenging reading book


All pupils will be fully aware of the Accelerated Reader program – this is an IT program which tests pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the books they have read. Books must be Accelerated Reader books and these can be found in the library.

Every half term every pupil who has been using Accelerated Reading regularly will be put into a draw to win a book token.